Central Park, New York
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Conspiracy: Manhattan Project
The History and The Famous People Hidden Here

The Manhattan Project of 1853: The 500-acre, secret subterranean city that lies 100 feet beneath Central Park in Manhattan.
The US government's super secret hiding place for Czar Nicholas, Adolf Hitler, the Roswell aliens, and now... Howard Stern.

"We have taken the show underground - even Howard TV. We are in a bunker."
Howard Stern on David Letterman Show 12/12/06 (more below)

central park
city under central park
Few people enjoying Central Park in New York City realize that a
huge city is a few hundred feet below them.
A view of the Entrance Hall Alpha
under Central Park in New York City.

central park entrance
History: The Beginning of the Conspiracy

Central Park in New York City was the first public landscaped park in the United States. The City of New York acquired the 843 acres between 59th and 110th Streets and Fifth and Eight Avenues by eminent domain in 1863. Prior to that time it was the home of about 1,600 poor New Yorkers.
The City of New York asked the two landscape architects, Mr. Calvert Vaux and Mr. Fredrick Law Olmstead to design a public park. The park is entirely man-made, all the trees had to be planted and soil was brought in since there was only swamps and the rocks which had been pushed in by glaciers billions of years ago there. Mr. Vaux and Mr. Olmstead surrounded the park with a stone wall to "...keep the poor trash out", leaving entrances to the park at each interruption in the wall, where a walkway starts. Those entrances are called Gates. Mr. Vaux and Mr.Olmstead had planned to install steel gates to lock the park at night. Today there are no gates at these entrances. The city hired a designer for those gates, but Mr. Olmstead disliked the complicated design and decided that there would be no closable gates, however the term 'Gate' remained. Many of these park entrances have names: Mariners Gate; Boys and Girls Gate; Artists Gate; Queers Gate (AKA Waters Gate), Emigrants Gate; Explorers Gate; Inventors Gate... Also, fear of crime in the park keep snoopers from staying too long.

Contrary to popular history and unknown by Vaux and Olmstead, Central Park was paid for by the Federal government as the place to house the first underground government complex in the world.

This complex, known as the Manhattan Project (or MP) was housed in a series of underground caves designed to protect the Union government if the Confederacy started to win the United States Civil War (1861-1865). After the war the project was abandoned until it was later revised and expanded to 300 acres during World War One (1914-1918). Since that time it has been expanded several times to now include over 700 acres in a huge underground city within a city. It is located deep within the bedrock, over 300 feet below the park.

Between January and June of 1920 all United States Gold was moved and is now stored 500 feet below Wollman Rink and 'The Pond'. Fort Knox is an empty shell designed to fool the enemies of the USA.

Location of Manhatten Project
Location of entrance to
Manhattan Project in
Central Park
steps to Manhattan Project

Steps leading down to Central Park
Underground City

This massive city complex is now designed to safely house up to 4,000 central Government personnel in the event of a nuclear strike. It presently houses all United States government UFO activities and was the home for Nazi Adolf Hitler until his death in 1956.

This Super-secret location is the site of the main Emergency Government War Headquarters - the hub of the Country's alternative seat of power outside Washington, D.C..
  Over 60 miles of Roads

Over a two miles in length, and boasting over 60 miles of roads, the underground site is designed not only to accommodate the President of the United States, but the entire Cabinet Office, civil servants and an army of domestic support staff. The site is so top secret that many of the civil servants, who had been allocated a desk at the Manhattan Project, have no knowledge of it. Blast proof and completely self-sufficient the secret underground site can accommodate up to 14,000 people, in complete isolation from the Always ready in an emergency, the underground grid-style city of roads and avenues is equipped with all the facilities needed to survive.  From underground hospitals, canteens, kitchens and laundries to storerooms of supplies, accommodation areas and offices.
central park road system

central park lake

An Underground Lake

An underground lake and treatment plant will be used to provide all the drinking water needed whilst 2 atomic power plants provide more than enough power needed to run the MP. 12 huge tanks store the fuel if needed for the entire fleet of vehicles including ground vehicles, military vehicles, three helicopters, and a fast attack destroyer.  And unlike most urban cities, above ground, the air within the complex could also be kept at a constant humidity and heated to a constant 72 degrees.
 Communications to the outside world

The city was also equipped with the second largest telephone exchange in the United States, a Voice of America studio from which the President could address the nation, a Fox News studio for 'Fair and Balanced' reporting and an internal Lamson Tube system that could relay messages, using compressed air, throughout the complex for utmost secrecy.
central park radio

A Hiding Place for Famous People

Czar Nicholas II

Czar Nicholas II
Czar Nicholas II


Many famous people and political prisoners have lived and died here including Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia and his family, who sought a hiding place after the Bolshevik Revolution  of 1917. 

Unknown to the general population and to historians alike, the Czar and his family did not die at the hands of the Bolsheviks. Just days before his hiding place was discovered, Czar Nicholas II asked President Woodrow Wilson of the United States for help.

US Marines flew in and rescued the Czar and his family. They were the first to be allowed to live in the Manhattan  Project. Czar Nicholas II lived there with his family until his death in 1948 at the age of 80. It was his favorite place. Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, The Tsarevich Alexei, the Grand Duchess Olga, the Grand Duchess Tatiana, and the Grand Duchess Marie often walked around New York city dressed as Jewish immigrants and ate at many of the local delicatessens and Italian restaurants with noted Mafia figures Gino "Little Eddie" Scugliatii, Vincent "Vinny the Pooh" Falcettie, and Bobby-Mac "The Knife" Darin. Nicholas did not want to leave the MP but he allowed his family to move to Brooklyn in 1929. "This be gut place to live," he said on his death bed. "I love New York. I love America." These were Czar Nicholas II's last words. He ate one last bit of a corned beef sandwich, closed his eyes, and passed away.

Royal Family


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler did not die in Berlin in the last moments of the war. The "burned body of Hitler" that has been shown over and over again was not that of the Reich's Furher but that of Gustav Weler one of Hitler's body doubles who had recently died and was kept in a walk-in freezer for just such an occasion. To perpatrate the hoax the body was shot to mimic suicide.
Just before the end of World War II Adolf Hitler contacted President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States and offered him a bargain. Hitler would give the United States all of the Nazi German atom bomb and rocket documents and the locations of the hiding places of his top scientists if the United States would give him political asylum. A deal was struck and Hitler was moved to the United States. He lived in hiding in the Manhattan Project under Central Park until he died as he lived, peacefully in 1956. (SEE Official FBI Files showing that the case is still active and that the FBI is still searching for him!)

He traveled to Long Island to visit his relatives several times and for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Holidays each year. He also loved to go to New York's Little Hebrewland (dressed as an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi!) for kosher pickles and Challah. He would often say that he really missed his mother's cooking. "She made the best Challah!" He often stopped at Ringsteins Kosher Deli for Blintzes. He said that they were '..out of this world, just like we made for our friends at Auschwitz-Birkenau!! I would often have the commandant send some up for my parties. Hermann (Goering) loved them. Ah the old days! After all, "...Kosher is the best for you!... my grandpapa was Jewish you know.. Yah Vold!" He also missed "....all of the fun we had with the little people and "those funny cross-dressers" in the early '40s."
Hitler also traveled to Orlando, Cape Cod and Chicago. One of his favorite places to visit was the Statue of Liberty. He also was a regular doing stand-up comedy in the Catskills and at Polish-American ("Yah could I Polka") clubs and various weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs in Harlem and New Rochelle.

Hitler's desk
Adolf Hitler's desk below
Central Park.
His favorite Bible is open on the desk. A sketch he made of one of the Roswell Aliens can be seen on the wall behind the desk.


Roswell Aliens

Roswell Hoax

Three of the original aliens that were found dazed at the UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico were nursed back to health and lived in the Manhattan Project under Central Park until they died of natural causes in 1968 and 1969. (SEE Official FBI Files regarding discover and investigation.)

The aliens could not get back to their home solar system but still lived long and happy lives here. They were grateful to President Truman for saving and sheltering them from the public and in return many scientific discoveries were given to the United States government. These include transistors, Teflon, microelectronics, night vision glasses, ground penetrating radar, the stealth plane technology and several major drugs and antibiotics.

They traveled extensively throughout the United States and loved to go to different parts of the country. Walt Disney allowed them to dress as Disney characters during their visits to Disney World and Disney Land. Their favorite prank was to go door to door on Halloween. They loved Hershey bars with almonds and had a little Bedlington Terrier named Henry.

alien autopsy

Autopsy of Alien that passed away in the Manhattan Project bunkers
under Central Park.
This photo was taken in July of 1970.

Shock Jock Howard Stern


"We have taken the show underground - even Howard TV. We are in a bunker."

Howard Stern on
The Late Show with David Letterman
December 12, 2006

"Go ahead. Tell them that I live underground in Central Park."
Howard Stern to
Mike Walker on air
December 3, 2009

Due to the high cost associated with the war in the middle east, the Federal Government started to rent space to commercial interests in late 2004. The first renter was Sirius Satellite Radio and the tenant is no other than Shock Jock Howard Stern during his years at Sirius. Stern was housed in an underground complex known as 4C. Even though Stern was housed under the park, only a select few at Sirius know of this.
Aside from Stern, three of Stern's close staff discovered their true location. One of these is co-host Robin Quivers. Recently hacked CIA classified documents (from Wikileaks) disclose how she found this out by accident upon hearing a Sirius-XM senior staff member talking on her cell phone in an adjoining stall in rest room "B" in the Stern complex. Ms. Quivers confronted the woman and a deal was worked out. To keep her knowledge a secret, Ms. Quivers is allowed to drive anywhere she wants in New York City. She is also allowed to run her boat on any part of the Atlantic seaboard not closed to personal watercraft. She calls her government contact "her boyfriend, Mr. X".
A second member of the Stern family, Howard's half-brother Mr. Riley Martin is the only member who has worked with the government and the aliens under the park. Mr. Martin was abducted by an alien Biaviian mothership for nine days in 1975 and is a master of Alien-English translation according to CIA classified government documents. The documents go on to say that Mr. Martin's "...skill in communicating with the aliens have saved us countless years and millions of dollars... and makes Mr. Martin a true American hero.."
A third show regular at that time, Mr. Artie Lange, stumbled into the secret entrance in the men's room stall "C" while he was high on drugs. CIA documents state that he was 'bought off' by giving him financing for his film "Beer League" (now available on CD) and arranging for Mr. Lange to have a show at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The document goes on to say that it is doubtful that Mr. Lange remembers any of this or the non-disclosure he signed (so perhaps we should say that only two of the Stern regulars know about their true location). Mr. Lange started to talk about what he knew when he was onstage in New Haven, Connecticut late December of 2009. He was placed in custody and sent for 'reeducation" at and institution outside of Washington, D.C. soon after. His sudden absence was publicized as an attempted suicide.
The ruse or going up to the SiriusXM offices is carried out using an intricate set of magnets and anti-gravity devises in the elevators. When a person presses the button to travel up to the Howard Stern Studios they are actually transported down and sideways to the underground haven. The magnets and anti-gravity devises make the person feel like the elevator is traveling either up to the studios or down to the street level!

Howard Stern did leak some information about his new location to the audience on the Late Night with David Letterman Show on Tuesday December 12, 2006. He told Mr. Letterman that " We have taken the show underground - even Howard TV. We are in a bunker." Of course "underground" refers to his under Central Park location and "bunker" refers to the place in Berlin and under Central Park where Hitler lived out his life.

Howard Stern on David Letterman
Howard Stern
David Letterman



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